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26th August 2014

Call for help in North Gawber Colliery Asbestos case

The family of a Barnsley man who worked in the mining industry for nearly 40 years is hoping local residents may be able to help them find out a bit more about his working life. Mr Charles Gummerson, known as ‘Chuck’, died from Mesothelioma, an asbestos related disease. He worked at North Gawber colliery during the 1960s 70s and 80s. The family understand he worked on Pickrose Haulage engines and on the face. They believe that when he worked on the face, he trained a lot of new starters. Prior to the 1960s, he worked on the face at Monk Bretton Colliery. The family think that some of his former work colleagues may have moved to the Selby area and that some lived in the Royston area. Outside of work, Chuck enjoyed gardening and playing cards at the New Lodge Club in Barnsley.

Victoria Elves of Raleys Solicitors, handling the case on behalf of Mr Gummerson’s family, said: Mesothelioma can be caused by only slight exposure to asbestos, therefore any exposure Mr Gummerson had could be important to the case.” We are trying to trace anyone who remembers working with Chuck at North Gawber or Monk Bretton Collieries or who can provide any information about working at either pit. Any information we can obtain could prove extremely useful”

Please contact Victoria Elves on 01226 60 3070 if you have any information that could be relevant.


Call for help in colliery silicosis case

The widow of a Mexborough man is appealing for witnesses who may be able to give some details about his working life. Jacqueline Lawrence was married to Harry, known to some as Joe, for over 50 years. Harry died aged 77 in November 2012 after a battle with silicosis and lung cancer.  Both may have been caused by exposure to stone dust. Jacqueline is looking for anyone who may have worked with Harry so that she can continue her fight for justice.

Harry worked at Cadeby colliery from 1951 to 1969 as a face/heading worker before becoming a deputy.  He remained at Cadeby until 1977 when he moved to Manvers training centre where he remained until 1986.  Jacqueline also believed he worked as a collier on T04’s.

After getting married in the early sixties, Harry and Jacqueline lived in Denaby for 10 years before moving to Mexborough where they settled. Outside of work, Harry bowled for Mexborough Athletic Club and enjoyed fishing.

Steve Fearnley of Raleys work related disease department, handling the case on behalf of Mrs Lawrence said:

“Silicosis can be caused by exposure to the stone dust from mining and lung cancer can develop in those who have silicosis - therefore finding out more about Harry’s working environment is very important to this case.

“We are looking for anyone who remembers the work Harry did at Cadeby or Manvers or anyone who can provide any information about working at either place. Any information we can obtain could prove extremely useful.”

Please contact Raleys on 01226 603 128 if you have any information that could be relevant.


Miners' Memorial Service

Rotherham Minster National Union of Mineworkers

(Yorkshire Area)

in conjunction with

All Saints Church, Rotherham Minster

are holding a


SUNDAY 12 OCTOBER 2014 2pm




There will also be brass band music and buffet prior to the service 12 noon at Rotherham Trades Club, Greasbrough Road, Rotherham, S60 1RB.


Bentley Memorial

Bentley PlateBentley NUM Memorial

Bentley MemThe Bentley NUM Memorial Service will take place at ARKSEY CEMETERY on Sunday 23 November 2014 at 12 noon.

Refreshments will be available after the Service in The Cricketers Club (The Jet).

All are welcome and your support in attendance will be much appreciated in rememberance of those loved ones who have left us, but who live on forever in our hearts and in our memory.


Ukraine Miners Message
Ukraine Miners Message to NUM Ukraine miners' leader Sergey Yunak (PRUP) has sent Seasons Greetings from miners' in the Ukraine to miners and their families in the UK. Expressing the warm friendship built up over many years his message emphasises the need that we all have for reliable friendship an

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USA talking to Cuba
USA talking to Cuba Good news! the USA and Cuba are to re-establish diplomatic relations let's hope that the sanctions imposed by the US for over half a century are removed as quickly as possible and that both peoples can move forward and normalise relations.  

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China buys Wind Farms
China via China General Nuclear Power Corp. acquires an 80 percent stake in 3 Wind Farms from Électricité de France (eDF) for over £100m. According to the Daily Telegraph each job in the Wind Farm industry is effectively subsidised to the tune of £100,000 per job per year.

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Miners Remember
Miners at Lofthouse (West Yorkshire) remember those who lost their lives, suffered injuries and all those who worked in the mines during war years:- L to R P Harrison, J Harris, B Kenny. T Banks, D Dews [ Cllr], M Johnson [Cllr], I Bains, C Keith.[Cllr] Miners in Yorkshire Remember 100 years

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